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Miso soup breakfast at the Misaki Sunday Market! 三崎の朝市でマグロ汁の朝ご飯♪


The Misaki Sunday Market is located in Miura city of the Kanagawa prefecture. It's about an hour and a half by car and 2 and half hours by train/bus from Tokyo.

Sounds kind of far, but there are a bunch of beaches and lots to do in the summer so it might be a fun day-trip 🙂 You should check out Jogashima while you're there.

The market is open from 5AM to 9AM (I think most things sell out by around 7:30..) every Sunday regardless of holidays (closed on the first Sunday of the year though).

5-3806 Misaki, Miura,
Kanagawa Prefecture 238-0243

Misaki Market website (Japanese)

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