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「 月別アーカイブ:2015年03月 」 一覧

How to say "Thank you" in Japanese♪ (There's more to it than arigato!)

2015/03/12   Uncategorized

★ Phrases ・Thanks - ありがとう・arigato (casual) ・Thank you (present tense) - ありがとうございます・arigato gozaimasu ・Thank you (past tense) - ありがとうございました・arigato gozaimashita ・Thank you for the other day.  この前は、ありがとう / ありがとうございました。  kono mae wa arigato / arigato gozaimashita  *you can also say ...

Need your support! All you have to do is search 3.11

2015/03/10   Uncategorized

http://www.yahoo.co.jp Please type 3.11 in the search box and click search. Be sure to search during 3/11/2015 Japan time. One search on Yahoo! JAPAN will help donate 10 yen to the organizations that participate in the recovery of the Great ...

Fun winter dining experience in Japan :)

2015/03/07   Uncategorized

The best part of winters in Japan! The Kotatsu culture! RESTAURANT INFO Honke Kanoya http://honke-kanoya.com/ Sendagaya, 5−24−3 Shibuya Tokyo https://goo.gl/maps/1cCDB 1 min walk from JR Yoyogi Station, West Exhit 5 min walk from Toei Oedo Line Yoyogi Station, A2 Exhit ...