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How to say "Thank you" in Japanese♪ (There's more to it than arigato!)


★ Phrases
・Thanks - ありがとう・arigato (casual)
・Thank you (present tense) - ありがとうございます・arigato gozaimasu
・Thank you (past tense) - ありがとうございました・arigato gozaimashita

・Thank you for the other day.
 この前は、ありがとう / ありがとうございました。
 kono mae wa arigato / arigato gozaimashita
 *you can also say "senjitsu wa" 先日は which is literally the other day

・Thank you for yesterday.
 昨日は、ありがとう / ありがとうございました。
 kinou wa arigato/arigato gozaimashita.

Words you can put in front of thank you to emphasize.
・本当に / honto ni (truly)
・どうも / doumo
 * originally "no way to say" now used as "thanks" alone or as an intensifier with arigato
・誠に / makoto ni (Truly, truthfully)
 very formal, usually used to customers in a business setting
 not used in casual conversation


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Please keep in mind that Japan has a ton of different dialects so there are major regional differences. The phrases/words I teach are what we call "hyoujungo" standard Japanese that most people from Tokyo speak and that everyone across Japan understands.

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