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How to say "I'm jetlagged" in Japanese♪ (Lesson #5)


★ Vocab
・Rainy season - 梅雨・tsuyu
・Jet lag - 時差ぼけ・jisaboke
 * if you call someone boke, it would be like calling them a dumbass
・Recover/get fixed (from being sick) - 治る・naoru
・Still/not yet - まだ

★ Phrases
・What is the time difference between Japan and Turkey?
nihon to toruko no jisa ha nanjikan desuka?

・I'm jet lagged.
時差ぼけです・jisaboke desu (polite)
時差ぼけなの・jisaboke nano (casual, girl)
時差ぼけなんだよね・jisaboke nandayone (casual girl or guy)
時差ぼけなんだよね・jisaboke nandayona (casual, guy)

・I came back from Turkey the other day and I'm (intensifier) jet lagged.
senjitsu toruko kara modottekite cho jisaboke (casual)
senjitsu toruko kara modottekite sugoku jisaboke desu (polite)

・Have you gotten over/recovered from your jetlag?
時差ぼけは治った?jisaboke wa naotta? (casual)
時差ぼけは治りましたか?jisaboke wa naori mashitaka? (polite)

・I haven't recovered. (more literally, it hasn't fixed)
治ってない (casual)

・I still haven't gotten over/recovered from my jet lag. (literally "my jet lag hasn't fixed")

・I'm still jet lagged!
まだ時差ぼけ。mada jisaboke. (casual)
まだ時差ぼけです。mada jisaboke desu. (polite)

・It's been one week since I've gotten back from Turkey and I'm still jet lagged.
toruko kara modottekite isshukan mo tatsunoni mada jisaboke.


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