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Seven & I a new human resources plan tour groping followed



セブン&アイ 新たな人事案巡り模索続く


Suzuki toshifumi Chairman

large retailer, seven & I holdings corporate internal conflict, and suddenly announced plans to retire from 14 days per week, but With still over the new human resources plan near decide policy, continues to explore.

taking responsibility was defeated as a result of conflict management within the core subsidiary consulted the Board of Directors, the objections of the outside directors has led over the years to

distribution giant seven & I Suzuki toshifumi Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, seven a eleven HR plan, and suddenly announced plans to retire from 14th will be one week.
a new management structure for the seven & I is open to 15, by: Noritoshi Murata President and Director make a nomination and remuneration Committee, will consider a new human resources plan. In this, Mr. Suzuki has served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer is expected be considered not.
also could resign at any time until the general meeting of shareholders should not have come to terms about the treatment of core subsidiary was rejected, according to the official HR plan as well as Chairman of the Suzuki advanced Murata President Suzuki President is scheduled next month to become clear that, with regard to a new human resources plan remains and continues to explore. Repair of conflict management within
seven & I is scheduled next week 19, based on the deliberations, the nomination and remuneration Committee of the Board of Directors would like to decide personnel proposed a new idea, but developed by Suzuki, Chairman to retire is a challenge.


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Seven & I a new human resources plan tour groping followed

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