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I am the tempestuous newest single and increase of 250,000 sales, and it is the 1st in Oricon!Popular drama theme song


I am the tempestuous newest single and increase of 250,000 sales, and it is the 1st in Oricon!Popular drama theme song
The newest single "I seek/Daylight" (the Jay storm / May 18 sale) of the idol group and the storm became the 1st place of a first appearance in the Oricon week single ranking (May [ total period ] 16 - 22 days) as of 30 days.
aiko "May Dream"
The 作 used as the single of the 49th [ a total of ] work records 738,000 sales in a sale first week. From 485,000 first week sales of a previous work "Revival LOVE" (February sale), I had a good start of the increase of about 250,000 sheets.

By both A side single, as for "I seek", the Nippon Television system drama "most difficult love in the world" (every week Wednesday 22 o'clock -) of Satoshi Ono starring and "Daylight" serve as a theme song of the TBS system drama "99.9-criminal lawyer -" (every week Sunday 21 o'clock -) of Jun Matsumoto starring. By this result, the number of acquisition works of the 1st place of a single of a storm is 45 works. Moreover, I counted from "PIKA**NCHIDOUBLE" (February, 2004 sale), and became 1 place achievement of 38-work continuation. The "number of total acquisition works" of the 1st place of a single and the "number of continuation acquisition works" have obtained the results of the 2nd place after B'z (48 works each).

Moreover, in an album section, the newest album "May Dream" (Pony Canyon / May 18 sale) of a singer-songwriter and aiko gains the 1st place by 69,000 sheets. for the first time in [ two years ] -- becoming an original board of the 12th work -- from a single "my other side" (November, 2014 sale) -- "more (March sale)" -- up to -- all the 13 music including four music is recorded.


嵐の最新シングル、売上25万枚増でオリコン1位に! 人気ドラマ主題歌
アイドルグループ・嵐の最新シングル「I seek/Daylight」(ジェイ・ストーム/5月18日発売)が、30日付けのオリコン週間シングルランキング(集計期間5月16日~22日)で初登場1位になった。
aiko『May Dream』

両A面シングルで、「I seek」は大野智主演の日本テレビ系ドラマ『世界一難しい恋』(毎週水曜22時~)、「Daylight」は松本潤主演のTBS系ドラマ『99.9-刑事専門弁護士-』(毎週日曜21時~)の主題歌となっている。今回の結果により、嵐はシングル1位獲得作品数が45作に。また、「PIKA★★NCHIDOUBLE」(2004年2月発売)から数えて38作連続の1位達成となった。シングル1位の「通算獲得作品数」「連続獲得作品数」ともに、B'z(各48作)に次いで2位の成績をおさめている。

また、アルバム部門では、シンガーソングライター・aikoの最新アルバム『May Dream』(ポニーキャニオン/5月18日発売)が6.9万枚で1位を獲得。2年ぶり12作目のオリジナル盤となり、シングル「あたしの向こう」(2014年11月発売)から「もっと」(3月発売)までの4曲を含めた全13曲が収録されている。