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From the Panasonic TV LCD panel business to withdraw



パナソニック テレビ向け液晶パネル事業から撤退へ


major electronics maker Panasonic has deteriorated for TV LCD panel business revenues and end production at Himeji city, Hyogo Prefecture in September this year Consolidated guideline for withdrawing from the Panel.

Panasonic in Himeji, Hyogo Prefecture has produced LCD panels for TVs from 0/2010, but in fierce price competition are worsening business cesspool was. Because of this consolidated policy and quit the production in September this year, to withdraw from the business.
Himeji factory for television, such as medical equipment or automotive is committed to continue non-LCD panel production, but production is reduced significantly redeploy out of approximately 1,000 employees hundreds of people.
on the other hand, Panasonic received supply of panels from different manufacturers has to continue production of its own TV.
is only sharp and Taiwan honghai precision industry group factory to produce domestic production of LCD panels for televisions was once a mainstay business of domestic manufacturers, but by the withdrawal of Panasonic.
Panasonic are accelerating the shift to the focuses on profits than sales and streamline management to withdraw from the plasma television productions over the years, and our management.


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From the Panasonic TV LCD panel business to withdraw

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