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Collision rules new production standards from 22,



it was decided that from 22 starts new production standards about the collision rules new rules prevent dangerous conflict at home, introduced in

professional baseball season. Do not apply the rules entered the track runner emphasizing what new management standards


had a collision in blocks and body, unavoidably, catcher, throw it in, this month to 16, NPB = Japan professional baseball Rules Committee decided. Sought as early as possible because opinions were expressed in NPB players through the Club began,
, but when it is started from the players Association players understand is not enough and start. As a result, gained understanding of the players Association until the 20th day and decided to start from the 22 regular season.
NPB Secretary General ihara a. "coming into this season, wasn't seriously hurt by conflicts at home, being achieved its original purpose. Aiming for more user-friendly operations "and was talking about.


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