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IOC Rio Olympic Games participation to the Russia players 5, decision



IOC リオ五輪参加のロシア選手 5日までに判断

decided to judge a player

IOC-International Olympic Committee, about participation in the Rio de Janeiro Olympics Russia recognized the systematic doping of athletes, professional team checks each player's doping history, confirms five days next month. Russia systematic doping has been approved


, met strict conditions for players only played to the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games, impending opening, each international competition is rushing to respond. The IOC Board meeting in Rio de Janeiro on 30th for this
, do not receive sanctions in doping in the past results of doping tests for each competition was played by professional teams in IOC members three players took place outside of Russia, and decided to judge whether or not check each and every one, and finally finds the contestants. Is Mark Adams public relations manager
Board of directors after the press was "judgment is not whole, each one separately. No matter how long the schedule is tough, but opening ceremony will be held next month until July 5 to make a conclusion "and indicated that athletes can compete, said Russia will be established at the last minute opening.
Russia team was initially a 387 people, but so far no appearances of 114 people sports associations on the other hand, admitted to approximately 190 people, 80 people are still competition decisions become clear not.


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