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"Tokyo love" Čáslavská death Tokyo Olympics gold



「東京の恋人」 チャスラフスカさん死去 東京五輪で金


died of the Czech Republic won three gold medals and was also called "Tokyo love" as

in 1964, the Tokyo Olympic Games gymnastics women's Bella Čáslavská. Was a 74-year-old.

in Čáslavská

is a former gymnast from Czech Republic, Prague, in 1964, the Tokyo Olympic Games gymnastics women's individual all-around and Vault, it in balance beam and won a gold medal in the first three, followed by Mexico in the individual all-around Championship to achieve Olympic match won seven gold medals.
was loved by many fans in Japan, is known as the "Tokyo love" from the talented and beautiful appearance. Experienced hardship and be actively engaged in the democratization movement in the "Prague Spring" of 1968
is marked as a dangerous rebel, lose their jobs, but recovery social status since its democratization in 1989, served as Chairman of the Olympic Committee and Assistant to the President, such as. Consistently during the Olympic bid for 2020 and assisted such as focusing on the friendship between Japan and the Czech Republic
the Czech Republic to accept children in the stricken area, Iwate Prefecture in East Japan earthquake, has expressed support for Tokyo. In the year before last came to Japan in celebration of 50 years from the Tokyo Olympics. According to the Olympic Committee of the Czech Republic
, Čáslavská continued treatment for pancreatic cancer, 30 days of night, died in a hospital where that is.




Kiyoko Ono was an attractive player, Kiyoko Ono was Čáslavská's and a career, and won a bronze medal as a representative of the gymnastics women's organizations

in 1964, the Tokyo Olympic Games, "was a beautiful and wonderfully attractive players. It was a modest and likable guys. It was Japan that have really love and cherish "and back.
on this basis, "are monitored and open a window on the social status of Czechoslovakia at that time, and was told there had a hard time talking about. And I struggled so far has not come out nothing is sadder than a really was. Was well put and I want to raise. I think I love, loves sports, and for someone to do something that she inherited in the world "and was talking about.



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