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FINTECH regional banks is strengthening initiatives



a growing movement aimed to provide new financial services and enhance the customer experience by incorporating the latest IT technology

financial "FINTECH" called among local banks, Bank can work together and work.

has enhanced the initiatives, such as the major banks to help venture companies in FINTECH FINTECH

, by utilizing the latest technology, improving the usability of financial services. On the other hand local bank has enhanced efforts in this sector while cooperating with other regional banks.
began to fit six local banks, in July this year, the Tokyo company co-founded by using artificial intelligence to the call center cannot be satisfied due to customer inquiries efficiently and specifically examine bank of China of Okayama Prefecture and Chiba Bank among them,.
also, the Musashino Bank, Ltd. of Saitama Prefecture and Nagano Prefecture, 82 Bank seven local banks jointly established research FINTECH, promotes information exchange.
in addition, regional banking giant Bank of Yokohama has to start the study for practical use from next month, aims to significantly reduce one-tenth of the cost of the money transfer, specialized in Internet banking, as well as by utilizing the FINTECH.
in this way as well as major banks and regional banks strengthen their commitment to the FINTECH aims to provide a new service competition has begun.


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FINTECH regional banks is strengthening initiatives

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