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Tokyo Japan players to enjoy on a large monitor



日本選手の活躍を大型モニターで楽しむ 東京

started pumpin' up the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics the tendency by the year 2020, and in the heart of Tokyo, offers video Japan players of the Rio de Janeiro tournament events. To a height of about 5 meters according to the Rio de Janeiro tournament ended this event


, and planning real estate company Tokyo organizing Committee and the sponsors the building Tokyo, Chuo-ku, Japan bridge, across the street, was established long and 9 meters large-screen monitor. Attended as President Yoshiro Mori Yoshida Saki Takeuchi
20, afternoon lighting ceremony, won the silver medal at last month's Olympic wrestling and the Organizing Committee. Press switch
attendance and activity of Japan player of the Rio de Janeiro tournament Yoshida, Kohei uchimura of gymnastics, was projected to monitor.
also, decorated with placards large photos of the players and the Tokyo Convention emblems painted on the walls of surrounding buildings, as well as, would enliven the atmosphere. About Yoshida
said, "as Tokyo ends in success for four years and building you want to", were approached to coach of the Japan national team want to go hard as not only as a coach, while juniors and practice and get himself and had to qualify as a player shows a willingness.
this event is held 10 days until next month.


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