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In "Fox" against children's Museum restaurant Tokyo


has started eating together, providing dinner for example, tend to spend the day alone

take a meal called "Fox"in children joined the local people with children in Setagaya-Ku, Tokyo.

efforts have been kitami children operated by Tokyo, Setagaya-Ku, at the pace of one to two months this summer, locals gathered and cooked dinner.

this menu is rice and equipment instructions, it's made the people in the region about 10 pork vegetables such as onions and potatoes with miso soup, provided local agricultural cooperatives, as well as the participants brought with. Approximately 40 children
game, waiting for a meal and surrounded the table along with the people of the region. And in a loud voice to say "itadakimasu", was eating a hot meal.

attended elementary school fifth-grade boys were talking "and thus eaten by everyone there eating dinner alone, such as when parents are busy, but fun and yummy".
kitami Jido-Kan Yamada katsumasa Director, says "I hope it's by participating in the elderly as well as children, strongly tied to the region".

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