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Over AIIB 20 countries joined the U.S.-led ADB surpass



AIIB 20か国以上参加申請か 日米主導のADB上回る見通し


AIIB = prioritize Investment Bank for international financial institutions

China has led to meet deadline for applications 30 days, wishing to participate in the new country, Seen as something so far in more than 20 countries have applied to join the final member count is surpass ADB = Asian Development Bank and Japan led to.

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to help the infrastructure construction of Asia led by China were established last year, developed countries such as the United Kingdom include the developing countries in Asia 57 countries participating are Japan and the United States meets appropriate international financial institutions, such as the transparency of the management standards and does not participate.
can be considered as the AIIB deadline for applications 30 days, wishing to participate in the new country, no official announcement so far, but so far more than 20 countries, such as Canada's G7-leading seven countries applied for participation. Intends to formally approve these countries by the beginning of next year in the
AIIB is the final member of the ADB = Asian Development Bank led by Japan and the United States, membership in 67 countries and territories could surpass. AIIB headquartered in Beijing
was money Qun former Finance Secretary of China's first President, has de facto veto power can be in only one country rejected the critical issues, such as increased China's biggest investment, China has influence and the growing presence of China in the international community and of the Member that is expected.





with Yuan loan and investment growth showed AIIB led China, yuan renminbi based on loans and investment to increase the professional relation

AIIB = prioritize investment banks and China's currency of renminbi in Yuan is positioned in the major currencies of the world, experts said. The prospect of increasing the AIIB using renminbi, saying "be enough to switch in Renminbi settlement and investment AIIB AIIB's largest investment country is China, and the Chinese Yuan had grown," commented that
China's economy Chief Economist for Mizuho Securities Asia expert Shen Jian light is at present AIIB dollar-denominated loans and investment principal and loan and investment showed. Shen said further that
, becomes possible to demonstrate the synergy together to enhance your voice in international finance in China as major currencies into Yuan, is one of China's development strategy also AIIB said.


Shinohara said Japan will not miss to better Shinohara about Japan

AIIB = prioritize Investment Bank served as financial officer of the Department of the Treasury and the IMF = International Monetary Fund Deputy Managing Director, Mr., "AIIB is not in the challenge to the international financial system after World War II such as the IMF or the World Bank one of the Japan's translation so far came in the older system, but newer systems and mechanisms gradually increases. I think you should not miss the wave "as mentioned.
then said Shinohara "would be pretty also asked me in China considering the status quo. But in AIIB participating countries increases this will increase loan volume from Japan continue to ignore this and goes against it is not a good idea "and stated, Japan enters the AIIB not indicated that they need to consider separately, or to not cooperate on infrastructure development in Asia.
in addition, Shinohara said "situation and to hear from the South-East Asian countries, including Japan and China compete better and feels. And thought that many countries don't want only China is headed significantly, Japan is a little bit more effort, should be considered to enhance the presence "as mentioned. Pointed out to confront China at
and Asian perspective, Japan private sector business development and investment in the Asia in addition to activate so that Government should consider support measures to boost foreign investment in the private sector.
on the other hand, the Yuan, China's currency Yuan from 1 Yen in dollars of the United States and Japan, as well as as the world's main currencies, IMF SDR called special assets will be incorporated.
this Shinohara said "only a symbolic meaning that Yuan enters SDR simply confirmed that China becomes the world's second largest economy and trading of the Yuan is increasing. SDR with further liberalization of financial that China itself in the wake of the one's we are expecting "and urged the acceleration of reforms in China, said.
then Shinohara said "China population is at least 10 times Japan's economy Japan than, with the concept of such a country fight on an equal footing financially, and that doesn't make sense. Rather not available which beside the big market because win, lose, how do I get to Japan would consider "and noted.



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Over AIIB 20 countries joined the U.S.-led ADB surpass

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