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Active UH wanted next year Aomori


are actively shaped well next year, "chicken" in

kuroishi city wanted.

wanted done kuroishi city known as the "town of Kokeshi" sights one established in Tsugaru Kokeshi's Studio, working from the middle of the month Kokeshi ABO Masafumi-San (33).

ABO's, myths attached to the wheel well next year unto your tree to remove burrs with a plane and seeing the surface with sandpaper, made in the shape of a chicken. And colored with dyes and colors, such as black, red, yellow, and was drawing a cute chick look. Is that Kokeshi doll making is done until February next year, creating about 400 bodies going.

AO, "could make work this year also prettily. Hope you had a good fun, looking at the year "and was talking about. UH Kokeshi is sold only in the order accepts in kuroishi city Tsugaru Kokeshi Museum.

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