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Today national high school ekiden


December Kyoto high school runners to cross the rushed national high school ekiden is done, 25.

Played 47 schools in the

meeting, both men and women after trophy for each country, the race takes place at Kyoto saikyo pole Stadium, in the start and finish City course.

men among them, same as the marathon distance holding the sash in seven qualifiers in 2 hours 5 minutes played in the top of Kurashiki Okayama issued a recording of school and team last year fourth Nagano Saku St high school, such as previous experience of meeting many remain it ever aiming for third consecutive title of the third school of Sera high school, revolves around the race and is.

on the other hand, half of the men's distance running among the five girls, this year's national high school nishiwaki industrial Hyogo gross monopolized the podium in the 1,500 meters and qualifying time, played in top of Kagoshima kamimura Academy equipped forces and last year won her first Sera high school ran are also featured.

race women's 10:20, men's 12:00 PM half-at the start, on NHK General TV and radio 1 will tell in the relay.

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