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KEIRIN Grand Prix Murakami Yoshihiro won for the second time


KEIRIN Grand Prix

jka annual Championship was held in Tachikawa-Shi, Tokyo, the 42-year-old Murakami Yoshihiro, players had won second four years Buri.

KEIRIN Grand Prix played nine fit players this year G1 race winner and the top prize, the annual championship tournament seven times to Bank 1 of the Tachikawa velodrome 400 m, was contested. Murakami

money ranked players from the start on the second spurt over far too much rest half head holding out well enough in the goal just before, men. Murakami players played 10 times for four years Buri played won for the second time, also was crowned this year's winner.

Murakami player ' incredible. This was a really tough year. Now, as Grand Prix champions want to fight not shameful race "and were talking while crying.

Takeda, Masaki players, ringtone

second was ASAI Kota players.

Donated part of the proceeds from sales of the

race on NHK public welfare cultural business group, will help such as welfare and Kumamoto earthquake reconstruction assistance.

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