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New President of Kyocera Tanimoto Hideo Executive


4/1 with a major electronic parts maker has its headquarters in Kyoto

"Kyocera", announced to promote Tanimoto Hideo Executive successor President by Yamaguchi Goro President and became Chairman.

this is a press conference in Kyoto City Tanimoto President of Kyocera Yamaguchi President and successor to the announced. Tanimoto said President

was born in Nagasaki, 56-year-old. Engaged in the business of high performance ceramics items of electronic equipment to be used, and then joined 0/1982, and served as Executive Director since last year.

Tanimoto said, "since joining the company, worked as a technician, so on the business as a whole still partly idle a lot from the Honorary Chairman of the Inamori said word"brush your personality"in the chest, you want fulfilled important in" and hopes to.

then said "leader can exert a synergistic effect, put the skewer to Kyocera, because many businesses are vertical businesses we want to.

Yamaguchi President is to be inaugurated as President, and became President in kotoshi 4 月 1 日

Tanimoto said.

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New President of Kyocera Tanimoto Hideo Executive

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