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Zoo cheetahs three child is born Tokyo Hino


in Tama Zoological Park in Hino city, Tokyo

Cheetah three baby child is born the zoo that can be published in spring this year, carefully breeding to continue to.

To breed the rare animal Cheetah

Tama Zoological Park, Zoo, Shizuoka and Gunma prefecture borrows "predator" male and female "superb" and keep. According to

Zoo succeeded in breeding this pair, 2/5 the three two-headed male and females is that the child's baby was born.

baby is growing well and reflects how pictures taken by the staff of the Zoo, 3 walking around fine, or to play. It is either 1 kg over weight.

Sasaki Yu reaches breeding of Cheetah at the TAMA Zoological Park

weight it is said, I think it took time but does not to succeed in breeding males and females should have so many combinations to try this pair is fine.

To keep careful breeding you親子 in the

Zoo this spring about sharing baby health-conscious.

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