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Tokyo Olympics sea forest water sports park sluice construction begins


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Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic boats and canoeing venue and coastal area of the 'sea forest water at the stadium", and the East-West Sea floodgate construction began recently, 14, also iron plate at the bottom.

began construction of the sluice gates, followed by pile construction of forest water Stadium of the sea in the Tokyo tournament three years later established as a venue for boating, canoeing, reduce the effect of waves, such as is done in order to replace the comings and goings of ships and the sea provided. Lift the ship

14 days work is done out in the morning at the construction site, with cranes have a two-ton iron plate, vibration while were driving to the ocean floor. Is that it takes about 1 year and a half to complete, unplug, the construction of the sluice gates this month spent driving suit 240 boards and circled around the water cavity and placing of concrete buildings that can.

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city is about establishing new venues after the tournament is known as legacy-heritage facilities and to establish a policy for the ocean forest water Stadium adjacent to Park, open sports events such as the aims of 350000 people over the years.

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