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名古屋場所 白鵬か碧山か 優勝決定は千秋楽にを英語にすると


The Grand Sumo Nagoya Place was held at the Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium on the 14th day, on January 21, the successor won the first place in the Yokozuna · Hakko I won over Ozeki · Rongrong Road and won 13 wins and 1 loss and kept the single top of the winning battle. He won the Beijing Mountain in pursuit of two losses, so he won the 2nd winner's battle and the winning decision was carried over to the 23rd of Chiaki-ku.

名古屋場所 白鵬か碧山か 優勝決定は千秋楽に

名古屋場所 白鵬か碧山か 優勝決定は千秋楽に の原文をチェック

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