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国内女子ゴルフ 比嘉真美子とキム・ハヌルが首位で並ぶを英語にすると


The second round of girls' domestic tour is held at Karuizawa Town in Nagano Prefecture, and Mikiko Higa, who is aiming for the 3rd victory of the Tour, and the 4th victory this season Kim Ha Neul, who is aiming for Korea, is lined up at 11 under under.

国内女子ゴルフ 比嘉真美子とキム・ハヌルが首位で並ぶ

国内女子ゴルフ 比嘉真美子とキム・ハヌルが首位で並ぶ の原文をチェック

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