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サッカー サウサンプトン吉田が開幕戦フル出場 | NHKニュースを英語にすると


Makio Yoshida of South Korea, England Premier League, football team played full swing in the opening game of this season with Swansea on December 12.

Yoshida, a Japanese national team, began his sixth season at Southampton in the English Premier League to which he belongs, and he was the start of the opening round with Swansea, which took place at home on the 12th.

Entering the position of the center back, it was a hard guard that took advantage of the talent from the opening stage before the goal, and it hindered the opponent's attack, and in the opportunity of set play, he got up before the opponent's goal and actively participated in the attack.

In the first half of 37 minutes, I adjusted the path of returning the ally directly with my right foot, but the goal did not happen. Even in the latter half of the 34th minute when we met with no teams in both teams, I adjusted the balls that my allies had connected to in front of the other goal, but I could not decide the goal.

Yoshida supported the team over the defense and played full play. The game was tied at 0: 0.

サッカー サウサンプトン吉田が開幕戦フル出場 | NHKニュース

サッカー サウサンプトン吉田が開幕戦フル出場 | NHKニュース の原文をチェック

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