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米 中国の知的財産侵害を調査へ 通商法301条による制裁視野にを英語にすると


The trump regime of the United States is a problem concerning the infringement of intellectual property by China, etc., and unilateral sanction measures such as raising tariffs We announced that we will begin the investigation process with the view to applying Article 301 of the Trade Act which can be invoked. As for the Trump regime, as North Korea advances development of nuclear weapons and missiles, it seems that there is aim for strengthening pressure by trade issue in order to draw cooperation from China.

米 中国の知的財産侵害を調査へ 通商法301条による制裁視野に

米 中国の知的財産侵害を調査へ 通商法301条による制裁視野に の原文をチェック

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