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日経平均株価 小幅な値動き | NHKニュースを英語にすると


On the 17th, the Tokyo stock market is under active negotiations while the number of market participants is small, and the Nikkei Stock Average is a small price move.

The Nikkei Stock Average, closing price on the morning of 17th, is 15,761 yen 62 yen, cheap 15 yen 66 from the closing price on 16th.

TSE stock index = topics has fallen by 0.09 to 1615.91.

The volume on the morning of 17th was 726.71 million shares.

Market officials said, "The yen's appreciating against the dollar at around 1 yen in the foreign exchange market, selling orders are also centering on brands related to exports such as automobiles, but scheduled from the 21st next week Before the joint US-Korea joint military exercises are in the market, there is a caution against the situation in North Korea, there are few market participants during the holidays, and active buying and selling is refrained. "

日経平均株価 小幅な値動き | NHKニュース

日経平均株価 小幅な値動き | NHKニュース の原文をチェック

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