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秋田 大仙市が避難勧告を一部解除 避難指示続くを英語にすると


Azita prefecture Daisen city is in the six districts of the south outside area of ​​the city at 2 p.m. as the water level of the Yamagawa river drops and the risk of sediment-related disasters lowered, We canceled the evacuation recommendation which was put out to 103 households 103 people. As of 2:30 PM in Daisen city, evacuation instructions are issued to 833 people in 369 households, and evacuation advisory has been issued to 8,288 households in 3226 households.

秋田 大仙市が避難勧告を一部解除 避難指示続く

秋田 大仙市が避難勧告を一部解除 避難指示続く の原文をチェック

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