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目黒のさんま祭り 約7000匹ふるまわれる 東京 | NHKニュースを英語にすると


The annual "Meguro Sanja Festival" held on October 10 in front of JR Meguro station in Tokyo, and the charcoal grilling of about 7000 saury masu went behind the scenes of Meguro Sanuma Festival It is.

"Sanmasan festival in Meguro" is named after the classic Rakugo "Meguro Sanama", a local shopping street is open every year at this time of year.

In front of the JR Meguro station in the venue, about 7000 freshly baked saomas, behaved free of charcoal grilling, etc, and family members and others make a long line, and as soon as they receive a saury, enjoy the taste of autumn There was.

A man in his 80s who lives in Tokyo said, "I am looking forward every year, and my favorite saury is also very tasty."

According to the executive committee of the festival, Miyako shi secures Miyako City to pick up lots in Miyako City, Iwate Prefecture, which offers Sanma every year, and Miyako City secures the landings in Hokkaido for festivals It means that it delivered it.

Executive Committee Chairperson Masakazu Nakazaki said, "Even under severe circumstances, it is full of appreciation to Miyako City, which delivers saury every year for this festival. I want you to taste it. "

目黒のさんま祭り 約7000匹ふるまわれる 東京 | NHKニュース

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