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プロ野球 巨人のオーナー 高橋監督を続投させる方針 | NHKニュースを英語にすると


Professional baseball giant Shoichi Oshikawa owns a policy to continue Yoshinobu Takahashi who will be the third year contract for the next season I made it clear.

This season's giant has been in severe fighting, such as losing 13 consecutive losing records of team losing record since late May, continuing to be the fourth place with 64 wins, 61 losses and 2 draws as of 13, as a team I have missed the league title for the third consecutive year.

Owakawa owner who responded to the press coverage of the press after the owner's conference held in Tokyo on the 13th, said Takahashi, who is in the third year of the contract for the next season, "toughly tolerate even in difficult circumstances , I brought it to here, I think that it is a place to evaluate, "I revealed the policy to continue.

And for the coming season, I will have to think about the next posture so that it will not be a painful situation like the first half of the year, and next year I want to go in a whirlwind "I showed the idea of ​​going ahead with making a position to support Takahashi's third year in office as a team.

プロ野球 巨人のオーナー 高橋監督を続投させる方針 | NHKニュース

プロ野球 巨人のオーナー 高橋監督を続投させる方針 | NHKニュース の原文をチェック

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