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大相撲秋場所4日目 横綱 日馬富士が2連敗 | NHKニュースを英語にすると


Grand Sumo Fall is the 4th day effort at the Kokugikan in Tokyo and the two countries, and now one place Yokozuna Hiima Fuji He loses to Komei Fuji of the Bakugaku and loses two consecutive games.

It is the victory or defeat after the intermediary.

Tokuyuki Ryu at Asanoyama is the first white star winning with Tokujin Ryu stabbing.

Endo is debited by Endo to Toyama.

Ten east dragons to Oki no Oka, Dong Yu threw a good hand.

Daisukamaru in Nishiki won with Daisho Maru sticking out.

Kaori Daei Xiang won four consecutive victories from the first day, when Daiei Xiang won the sending out.

Ishiura is in Chiyomaru, Ishiura gets closer.

Australian style Takashiwa is the 4 consecutive victories from the first day, when Takahino rode with extrusion.

Arashi pushed Arashi to Shihonchi Chiyoshi.

treasure treasure Fuji extruded by treasure Fuji.

Okinosaki in Chiyo's country, Okunosaki pushed out.

On the precious scenic spot, the first day went out as Shine won overwhelmingly. Gui scenic spot is the first black star.

Matsuyoshi Mountain in Chiyo Dai-dong, Chiyo Dai-dong won the game with a hit and four consecutive wins.

Masayoshi in Tochigi Mountain, Masayoshi is dead.

Otago had a sumo wrestling sumo wrestling, and Jade Ehashin won by extrusion due to misunderstandings.

Kotobukiyoshi is Kotori chrysanthemums, Kotori chrysanthemums win by a small hand throwing and winning the 4 consecutive wins.

Ozeki Saki Ozeki and Teruno Fuji won by Abu Saki with a drawdown. At the age of 21, Abu Saki who started 3 consecutive wins also won the first Okiwa match and made it a 4th consecutive victory.

On the Ozeki · Ryuei Road, Tochigo Shoko won the race by the extraordinary race.

Kitamatsu Fuji won Yokozuna · Fuji in Hiroshima, Katsutoshi Kita won with a stop. Kita-ken Fuji raised Venus in two consecutive places. Fuji is the second consecutive defeat.

大相撲秋場所4日目 横綱 日馬富士が2連敗 | NHKニュース

大相撲秋場所4日目 横綱 日馬富士が2連敗 | NHKニュース の原文をチェック

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