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東芝 “日米韓連合”中核の米投資ファンドと優先交渉で調整へを英語にすると


Toshiba made an additional proposal in line with Toshiba's intention regarding the sale of a semiconductor subsidiary whose decision was delayed It is clear that we are making adjustments in the direction to advance negotiations with the American investment fund, which is the core of the US-ROK union. Regarding this, Toshiba will focus on what decision will be made in the policy to consult with the Board of Directors to be held on the 13th.

東芝 “日米韓連合”中核の米投資ファンドと優先交渉で調整へ

東芝 “日米韓連合”中核の米投資ファンドと優先交渉で調整へ の原文をチェック

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