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東芝 “日米韓連合”中核の米投資ファンドと協議加速の覚書を英語にすると


Toshiba, which is in the process of restructuring its management, decided to sell its semiconductor subsidiary, whose decision was delayed, to the United States We have signed a memorandum with accelerated investment funds to accelerate talks aiming for a contract in late this month. However, negotiations are still expected to be a turnaround, for example, because American Western Digital, which is partnered with Toshiba in the semiconductor business, is trying to stop selling to other groups.

東芝 “日米韓連合”中核の米投資ファンドと協議加速の覚書

東芝 “日米韓連合”中核の米投資ファンドと協議加速の覚書 の原文をチェック

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