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NBA ウォーリアーズが楽天とパートナー契約 | NHKニュースを英語にすると


NBA = America's professional basketball giant Warriors and Rakuten, a major IT company, have revealed that they have signed a partner agreement to put their logo on uniforms next season did.

This was announced by Warriors and Rakuten on December 12.
Warriors was a strong team who won the fifth win over the last season with three consecutive seasons to finalize the NBA championship last season, according to this announcement, uniforms worn by Warriors athletes from next season Rakuten's logo enters in the size of about 6 centimeters square on the left chest part.

Although details on the partner contract have not been clarified, the agreement period of the major sports specialty channel in the United States, ESPN, is 3 years and the total amount is 60 million dollars (about 6.5 billion yen in Japanese yen) I tell you to go up.

Rakuten has laid out a policy to develop new business while taking advantage of the brand power of a strong team of sports team abroad to increase international recognition, and has already played soccer, 1 part Spain We have also signed a partner agreement to put a logo on uniforms with the league's top ten Barcelona.

NBA ウォーリアーズが楽天とパートナー契約 | NHKニュース

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