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アバンティリゾートクラブ 事業停止か | NHKニュースを英語にすると


With Avanti Resort Club, which had been engaged in tour tours, forced to stop sales due to deteriorating business performance, the company side Because it is impossible to contact with, the Tourism Agency is investigating the detailed situation.

According to the Japan Travel Industry Association made by a travel agency etc., "Avanti Resort Club", which had been involved in tour tours, said at the headquarters of Tokyo / Shinjuku on 11th, "This is due to cash flow and deterioration in business performance It has become a situation in which it is difficult to continue the business and there is no choice but to suspend the business "is the situation that we can not contact with the company side.

According to the Tourism Authority and Tourism Association, Avanti Resort was handling overseas package tours and group travel with "ARC Tour" brand.

Meanwhile, the "Kinki Nippon Tourist Group", "ANA Sales" and "JAL Sales" that had entrusted the sale of travel products to this company were already on schedule for travelers who already paid the fee I am trying to respond so that I can start.

In addition, in the event of a business collapse of a travel agency, there is a system whereby the Japan Travel Agency Association returns the payment as "deposit" at the Association, and for tourists who have been inquired of this system It is that we are starting a guide.

アバンティリゾートクラブ 事業停止か | NHKニュース

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