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グッチ 動物の毛皮使わない方針 銀座ではエコファーに注目 | NHKニュースを英語にすると


While luxury brand "Gucci" has shown a policy not to use animal fur such as mink for products from next year, while Ginza, Tokyo · Ginza At this department store in this autumn / winter fashion, "Eco Fir" made with various colors and designs using chemical fiber etc. attracts attention.

According to Matsuya Ginza Department Store in Tokyo, Ginza, one of the products that are gaining popularity in the fashioned autumn / winter fashion is fur and many kinds of items are arranged in the shop.

Especially noteworthy is a fur made from chemical fiber called "Ecofa", which is also called "fake fur", but in this department store it is called "Eco Far" and it is sold as It is.

The sales corner is popular because it is a relatively cheap, easy to maintain and easy to wear with coats with colorful designs ranging in color from furry-like colors to bright red It is that.

Mr. Yuji Kuboji, who is in charge of the ladies' garment sales department, said, "Because it was a minus image in terms of fake, we are calling it ecofir from the viewpoint of animal welfare as well.Wear comfort and design I'd like you to enjoy it because it is abundant. "

グッチ 動物の毛皮使わない方針 銀座ではエコファーに注目 | NHKニュース

グッチ 動物の毛皮使わない方針 銀座ではエコファーに注目 | NHKニュース の原文をチェック

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