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神戸製鋼 川崎社長 改めて陳謝し費用負担に応じる考えを英語にすると


President Hiroya Kawasaki of Kobe Steel commented, "Presently, we are inconveniencing a lot for everyone due to inappropriate actions of our company and group company I will apologize again about thing about it. "I apologized again. Also, President Kawasaki said, "There is no talk of a concrete amount at the time of the request, but we will bear the cost of each manufacturer," according to the response to the request from the shipping destination of the product for burden of recall expenses etc I mentioned the idea of ​​responding to the cost burden.

神戸製鋼 川崎社長 改めて陳謝し費用負担に応じる考え

神戸製鋼 川崎社長 改めて陳謝し費用負担に応じる考え の原文をチェック

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