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神戸製鋼 新たなデータ改ざん 出荷先は500社に拡大を英語にすると


President Hiroya Kawasaki of "Kobe Steel Works" told a press conference on Tuesday on the alteration of the inspection data, newly tampering with the products of the group of nine companies Etc., and announced that the shipping destination of the product in question has expanded to 500 companies in Japan and overseas. We also made it clear that the problems of the four companies were not announced while grasping at the board of directors.

神戸製鋼 新たなデータ改ざん 出荷先は500社に拡大

神戸製鋼 新たなデータ改ざん 出荷先は500社に拡大 の原文をチェック

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