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小児心臓病 岡山大が再生医療の臨床研究 8歳女児に手術を英語にすると


Since the Organ Transplant Law, which allows the provision of organs from brain death, took effect for 20 years on the 16th, during this time the brain died There are only 15 cases of providing organs from children. Under these circumstances, at Okayama University, clinical research on regenerative medicine was advanced with the aim of a treatment alternative to transplantation, and the first surgery to return special cells cultured from heavy heart disease children to the body was done .

小児心臓病 岡山大が再生医療の臨床研究 8歳女児に手術

小児心臓病 岡山大が再生医療の臨床研究 8歳女児に手術 の原文をチェック

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