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電通 違法残業 控訴せず罰金刑確定へ | NHKニュースを英語にすると


In a trial where a major advertising company, Dentsu, was charged with violating the Labor Standards Law because he made illegal overtime work for employees, Dentsu We will not appeal the judgment of Tokyo Simplified Court, and it is expected that the fine is punished.

Dentsu received an investigation triggered by suicide caused by overwork of Mr. Takahashi who was a new employee (then at 24), and as a result of having four employees such as Takahashi illegally overtime work as labor standards I was charged with a crime of violating the law.

The Tokyo summary court ruled on the 6th of this month that the illegal long hours worked regularly and that the service overtime had been spreading, and sent a 500,000 yen fine as fined by the prosecution .

Although the appeal time for the judgment is 20 days, Dentsu has disclosed a policy not to appeal.
This case, which had a major influence on the discussion on working way reform, is expected to conclude after the ruling that confirmed DENTSU's responsibility and punished a fine was finalized.

Toshihiro Yamamoto, president of Dentsu said, "We will comply with the law and eradicate excessive work and promise to make the working environment better, along with a rape, on behalf of the sixth decision of this month "I said.

電通 違法残業 控訴せず罰金刑確定へ | NHKニュース

電通 違法残業 控訴せず罰金刑確定へ | NHKニュース の原文をチェック

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