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GMOインターネット 1万4600件余の顧客情報流出 | NHKニュースを英語にすると


"GMO Internet" of an IT company listed on the first section of Tokyo Stock Exchange said last month that the service of mediating the purchase and sale of the site We found out that about 14,600 customer information was flowing out on the Internet. We believe that there is a high possibility that information leaked out by unauthorized access from the outside at the company.

According to the company, "GMO Internet" means that information on the customer of the service mediating the sale and purchase of the site was posted on the Internet on the 14th of last month and leaked to the outside.

The information on customers posted was 14,600, which includes addresses, telephone numbers, birth dates, etc. in addition to the names of companies and individuals of customers, and now deletes data diffused on the net We are proceeding with the procedure to do.

When the company asked an external specialized agency to investigate, there is a high possibility that information leaked out from the outside by unauthorized access to the company's system that manages customer information.

Regarding this, the GMO Internet says, "I am deeply sorry for disturbing you and worrying about you, I will try to investigate the cause and prevent recurrence."

GMOインターネット 1万4600件余の顧客情報流出 | NHKニュース

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