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亀田製菓 タイの子会社が不適切な会計処理 | NHKニュースを英語にすると


"Kameda confectionery" of the confectionery makers with headquarters in Niigata City is a subsidiary in Thailand that has more than the actual products and raw materials etc. in stock We decided to set up an investigation committee made by lawyers, etc. for investigating the actual condition, assuming that 650 million yen more inappropriate processing to be posted in the accounting documents was done.

According to the announcement, the subsidiary in Thailand of Kameda confectionery, which had performed inappropriate accounting, manufactures rice crackers and rice crackers and exports them to Japan, the United States and others.

From 2011 to the last month, it was about 650 million yen in cumulative inventory items and raw materials, inappropriate processing to put on accounting documents more than it was done.

The accounting of the subsidiary is handled by local Thai employees, which means that inappropriate accounting treatment was revealed in the company's internal audit. From now on, we will set up an independent investigation committee made by outside directors, lawyers, etc. to check the actual situation.

The company had planned to announce the interim results from April 31 to September 31, but due to this problem postponed, waiting for the results of the survey 12 I will announce it again after the month.

Kameda Seika says, "I am deeply apologizing because of the great annoyance and worry of all the stakeholders, I'd like to deeply appreciate it and try to clarify the actual situation of the independent investigation committee."

亀田製菓 タイの子会社が不適切な会計処理 | NHKニュース

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