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さいたま国際マラソン 新代表選考会の出場権 1人も獲得できず | NHKニュースを英語にすると


For the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, the girls who took the right to participate in the newly-appointed representative selection competition A race "Saitama international marathon" was held, Japanese athletes could not clear the time set by the Japan Athletics Federation, and no one was able to win the competition.

Representatives of the Tokyo Olympic marathon will decide up to two of the three representatives of each man and woman in the new selection meeting "Marathon Grand Championship" established after the fall of 2019.

One of the girls' race won the competition in the selection competition, "Saitama International Marathon" was held on December 12, 22-year-old Reika Iwade left the race with the first group until the middle, Japan I entered fifth in the top position, but the time was 2 hours 31 minutes 10 seconds, it was two minutes longer than the time set by Japan Athletic Organization, so I could not win the competition in the selection competition.

Japan Aramco's Toshihiko Seko marathon strengthening strategy project leader said, "It was a difficult course with strong winds and differences in height, but the time we set was the lowest line and I wanted you to clear it. I can not compare the world with this. "

Meanwhile, the competition players did not participate, as the event runners' games for business associations got under way in late this month. Seko Project Leader said, "We can not deny that the business association will be given priority to the Ekiden, but we also have trouble with that, there were not any Japanese competitors competitors.I want this situation to change "I was talking.

Kenyan Chieech Daniel played the tournament two consecutive wins in 2 hours 28 minutes 39 seconds.

さいたま国際マラソン 新代表選考会の出場権 1人も獲得できず | NHKニュース

さいたま国際マラソン 新代表選考会の出場権 1人も獲得できず | NHKニュース の原文をチェック

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