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暴行問題 相撲協会理事長が28日にスポーツ庁長官に報告を英語にすると


At the press conference after the Cabinet meeting, Minister for Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology said, "It is extremely regretful that the violence problem in sumo wrestling occurred, I asked the association to promptly elucidate the facts and report it. On October 28, Mr. Okaga reported directly from Secretary Suzuki of the Sports Agency, Minister Suzuki continued to respond promptly We are planning to request, first of all, the Sumo Association needs to clarify the facts. "

暴行問題 相撲協会理事長が28日にスポーツ庁長官に報告

暴行問題 相撲協会理事長が28日にスポーツ庁長官に報告 の原文をチェック

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