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「ひこにゃん」 国宝 彦根城で正月用しめ縄作り | NHKニュースを英語にすると


"Hiko-ny", the local character of Shiga Prefecture's Hikone city, made a snap ring for New Year at Hikone Castle, a national treasure.

Every year at Hikone Castle, we decorate the tale rope made with straw of rice glutinous locally at inside the castle.

On the 7th, 10 staff of the management office of the castle, along with "Hiko", made ropes of 6 meters in length made of straw and finished it into a large lath rope to decorate in the castle toba.
People who visited cheered on "Hiko-nyan" and took pictures.
The finished tame rope is big and weighs 60 kilos and will be decorated in the castle this 27th.

A woman in her 50's from Hyogo Prefecture said, "I'm looking forward to it every year, I got cheerful by Hikaru."

Yamada Shizuo, director of the Hikone Castle Management Office, said, "I wanted to help the cat with the old age and I wanted Hikkyan to help me, I hope to further boost Hikone to the New Year." .

「ひこにゃん」 国宝 彦根城で正月用しめ縄作り | NHKニュース

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