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埼玉りそな銀行 “人員は削減せず 店舗も維持する” | NHKニュースを英語にすると


Amidst a series of movements to increase the efficiency of personnel and operations at major financial groups, "Saitama Resona Bank" under Resona Holdings , While promoting IT as a window service, we revealed a policy not to reduce personnel by assigning personnel in charge to sales.

This is the president Kazuyoshi Ikeda of Saitama Resona Bank, who responded to NHK interview.

According to it, in order to respond to the severe circumstances of the business environment surrounding banks such as prolonged low interest rates and population decline, we promoted the efficiency of window operations through IT, and in the 2022 year after the office of the window It is to reduce the quantity by half.

President Ikeda stated, "I am planning to maintain the store in Saitama prefecture without reducing personnel by assigning to sales staff about the staff in charge of window."

In addition, by establishing a new base in Saitama City next April, by cultivating business that boosts profit growth of companies of business partners and handles personal investment management, I want to survive.

In financial institutions, Mizuho Financial Group announced a policy to reduce about 19,000 people, which is a quarter of the total by 2026, such as a series of movements to increase efficiency in major financial groups It is.

埼玉りそな銀行 “人員は削減せず 店舗も維持する” | NHKニュース

埼玉りそな銀行 “人員は削減せず 店舗も維持する” | NHKニュース の原文をチェック

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