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幕末の志士 武市半平太 田畑など売却を示す直筆証文発見を英語にすると


A volunteer doctor, Takeshi Hanpeita, a volunteer at the end of the Bakumatsu who advocated the Emperor Yuyi, took a swordsmen dojo that a volunteer, etc., who became a member of the later Tosa Kuo party After opening it, I found an autograph proof that I sold the fields etc. Experts point out that "It is considered valuable data that tells the circumstances at the time it was thought that money was used for the management of the dojo."

幕末の志士 武市半平太 田畑など売却を示す直筆証文発見

幕末の志士 武市半平太 田畑など売却を示す直筆証文発見 の原文をチェック

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