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木造船漂着 沿岸自治体から処分費用の支援求める声を英語にすると


The wooden ship, which was seen as coming from North Korea, drifted one after another along the coast of the Japan Sea side, and the municipality in the Tohoku region got the cost of disposing the ship , It turned out that it is over 7 million yen for this 3 years. There was an accident that cargoes were transported due to the explosion of cargo cylinders during removal, and it is said that burdens are heavy from coastal municipalities, and voices calling for financial support etc. are raised.

木造船漂着 沿岸自治体から処分費用の支援求める声

木造船漂着 沿岸自治体から処分費用の支援求める声 の原文をチェック

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