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自民税調 地方消費税見直し 東京都は約1000億円減収見通しを英語にすると


Liberal Democratic Party Taxation Study Committee will rectify the distribution of "regional consumption tax" to prefectures toward large cities such as Tokyo , We will revise the mechanism by which the majority of tax revenues are allocated according to "sales amount" at retail stores etc. and revise the distribution so that each half of tax revenue is distributed according to "sales amount" and "population", respectively. As a result, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government is expected to decline about 100 billion yen.

自民税調 地方消費税見直し 東京都は約1000億円減収見通し

自民税調 地方消費税見直し 東京都は約1000億円減収見通し の原文をチェック

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