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たばこ税 加熱式は紙巻きの70~90%まで引き上げへ 自民税調 | NHKニュースを英語にすると


Liberal Demand Taxation Study Committee decided to revise the tobacco excise tax campaign for heating tobacco "We are strengthening our policy to raise the percentage of" cigarette tobacco "from about 70% to 90% by revising the criteria for determining the tax amount for" tobacco taxes "

The amount of tax is decided on the basis of the weight of "leaf tobacco" contained in the product, "tobacco tax" for "heated tobacco" without smoke without using fire, but general Compared to "cigarette cigarette", the lowest one remains at 14%, so there is a difference in tax amount.

For this reason, the LDP taxation study committee decided to raise the "tobacco tax" related to "heated tobacco" in stages by 2022, in order to rectify this by the reform of the tax system next year I have been advancing.

As a result, by revising the criteria for determining the tax amount, we have decided to raise the percentage of "cigarettes" from about 70% to 90%, although it depends on the product.

The Liberal Democratic Party Taxation Investigation Committee intends to incorporate these policies into the taxation revision outline scheduled to be compiled on next 14th, after coordinating with Komeito.

たばこ税 加熱式は紙巻きの70~90%まで引き上げへ 自民税調 | NHKニュース

たばこ税 加熱式は紙巻きの70~90%まで引き上げへ 自民税調 | NHKニュース の原文をチェック

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