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歳末商戦前に 大型複合施設の防火態勢を点検 東京 銀座 | NHKニュースを英語にすると


Before Christmas and end-of-year sales fare peaks, the Tokyo Fire Department is in charge of commercial facilities in Tokyo, Ginza We inspected the large complex facility with the fireproof system.

On February 15, the Tokyo Fire Department's Mr. Kenichi Murakami inspected the large complex complex "GINZASIX" with commercial facilities and offices in Ginza, Tokyo and inspected the sales floor It was.

Inspection checked whether there was anything on the evacuation route, as well as reviewing the situation of exercises using fire extinguishers by officials at the facility.

GINZASIX 's Hirokazu Mitsuda service planning office manager said, "A lot of visitors are expected in the busy season, since people get in and out too hard, such as cheering officials, we will again take basic actions such as fire extinguishing and evacuation guidance I want to check it. "

The Tokyo Fire Department will decide to conduct on-site inspections on commercial facilities and supermarkets in metropolitan Tokyo by the end of the year and instruct the thoroughness of fire prevention.

歳末商戦前に 大型複合施設の防火態勢を点検 東京 銀座 | NHKニュース

歳末商戦前に 大型複合施設の防火態勢を点検 東京 銀座 | NHKニュース の原文をチェック

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