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シャンシャン 一般公開にあわせてライブ映像配信へ | NHKニュースを英語にすると


Tokyo · Ueno Zoo will be open to the public on the occasion of the public release of the giant panda baby "Shan Shan" starting from the 19 th of next week, "Shan Shan I decided to deliver live images of the state of the panda to see them.

At the Ueno Zoological Garden This is a giant panda baby "Shan Shan" born on June 12, which is half a year after his birth and will be open to the public with his mother "Shinsin" from next 19th.

The zoo decides to limit the viewing of "Shan Shan" to 400 pairs a day until the end of January next year in order to avoid the burden of "Shan Shan" and congestion in the park.

Therefore, in order to have a lot of people view "Shan Shan", the zoo started to open at 9:30 am on the 19th, according to the public release, with the multiple cameras installed in the panda building, I decided to start delivering the live image showing the state.

The image can be viewed on the Internet or on a smartphone, and after closing it is to deliver the video recorded during the day.
The delivery period is scheduled for the end of next December.

シャンシャン 一般公開にあわせてライブ映像配信へ | NHKニュース

シャンシャン 一般公開にあわせてライブ映像配信へ | NHKニュース の原文をチェック

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